Parchemin - carte du monde
Parchemin - un gallion au loin
Vintage 2005
Origine :  Sainte-Lucie

You should better run fast since only 340 bottles of this very old rum were released from St. Lucia Distillers distillery. This great pride of Chairman’s Reserve is a blend of two rums. The first was distilled in John More pot stills, the second in columns. The distillates had been aged for 4 years separately and then together for 10 additional years. The result has a pastry profile with vanilla, caramel and wooded notes. On the palate, this rum is gourmand and full-bodied with a red fruit mouth-filling. Caramel and spiced tobacco also show up before shifting towards dried fruits. Slightly astringent with a balanced presence of alcohol, this rum meets diligent enthusiasts’ requirements.

  • Viellissement : Tropical
  • Matière première : Mélasse
  • Type de rhum : Très vieux
  • Contenance : 70CL
  • Degré d'alcool : 46°